5 Reasons to Drink Matcha

Monday’s finally over! Here’s a good cup of Matcha that we all deserve and 5 reasons why Matcha is my favourite drink.


  1. It promotes clarity for the mind and boosts energy without much of a caffeine crash. A cup of warm or iced (I really prefer it iced) Matcha drank in the afternoon wakes me up after a heavy lunch. Its green, creamy and grassy notes also trick my palate into thinking it’s actually having dessert. Weird trick, but it somehow works.
  2. It’s fun and therapeutic to whisk the Matcha and watch it foam – whether using the traditional chasen or handheld frother.
  3.  Matcha can be sprinkled on almost anything; granolas, cereals, overnight oats, vanilla ice-cream…you name it. It brightens up almost a lot of dishes too. I was in Japan last November and remember Matcha powder served as a seasoning.
  4. It makes post-yoga feels extra healthy. I know this is superficial but I’m sure it’s true to a certain extend.
  5. As much as it boosts the enery, it also puts you on a calming state, all thanks to L-Theanine that’s richly found in Matcha.

I love getting my Matcha from Panatea but because they don’t ship directly to Singapore, I’ll have to substitute for other brands available on the shelves when I’m not able to wait for the delivery.


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