A week of sun,rain and a little outback.

I was in Perth Australia last week and had an incredible time. Although the weather wasn’t  permitting in the day for sea activities, the laid back city offers gems and brilliant relaxing spots, cafes and inspiring corners. I had anticipated to see the whales but sadly it was already off season. I’ll plan and do a thorough research the next time round for the next visit.

Additionally, Perth offers easy accessibility to a lot of attraction places and into the suburbs where quaint coffee shops nest.

We took a trip down to Maylands which was just 4 stations away from city. Actually,it was an unplanned one. We were coming back from Caversham Wildlife Park when the train stopped at the sation and this cafe, Mrs S caught our attention.It’s a quiet cafe that serves the best(so far I’ve had) coffee and pastries. The interiors were really pastels and full of floral and it smells of the warm pastries and old wood together: Something like home – for a girl 😉


  This one here, Pistachio and Rosewater Meringue was just perfect. Subtle, soft inside and hints of rose at the end.IMG_4981

Onion,capsicum and goat cheese tart. One word: Exceptional.IMG_5060IMG_5063

Vintage Emporium stands a few blocks down the cafe. I came back on my third day because they were close.
I met two lovely ladies, Marisa and Marina, the owners of the Tumbleweed on Third. They has a small collection of vintage goods from Art Deco lamps, to Italian-made Bonia clutches(my mom scored that), to fine dining pieces and a selective of beautiful dresses.


A little changing room stock with wonderful goods. I love the peach tulle prom dress(gorrrrrgeous,shame I do not have an entire picture though). Do like and visit Tumbleweed On Third on Facebook!

You cannot miss the famous Cottesloe Beach. You just can’t. Breathetaking.

IMG_5016IMG_5005 And you cannot miss eating at the famous Cicerello’s Fish and Chips. You just can’t! It won’t be complete.
I came back home craving for some and imagined traveling thousands of miles just for some of Cicerello’s…Not that it is not possible though 😛IMG_5028
I met and fed a llama at Caversham Wildlife Park for the first time in my life! So stoked.
I would bring it back home if I could.
IMG_7644 IMG_7517 IMG_7516

Koala, oh how cute!


This was in a small florist located right at the road entrance to Cottesloe Beach from the train station.
It’s a small shop but is full of textures and beautifully crafted and arranged fresh flowers.

hangingbaskets florist1IMG_4999

I love old and washed floorboards. Pretty.

Visited PICA Gallery and saw John Nixon’s exhibition. I love any words in regards to Constructivism,Bauhaus and ModernismIMG_5072IMG_7748IMG_5120

I would see myself returning back to Perth really soon too,I can’t get enough! Hooroo!

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