Anne Thornton Fabulous Fudge Cubes

I’ve been away for too long! I’m always away. But when I’m away, I’m busy with school and when I’m not, then I’m busy making things and food!

Earlier today I made yet another chocolate fudge cubes. I have this frustration with them melting at room temperature. How do mass produced ones(or those at the chocolatier stores) stay firm even at neutral ? Nonetheless,I managed to get them taste right and fudgy and wayyyy too chocolatey. I guess it’s alright since I’ll be having them at home then I’ll have them served chilled.

I followed Anne Thornton’s Fabulous Fudge recipe from  (link directs to recipe site) and they came out just perfect. It was so easy to do, there was so little to clean.

chocolate fudge

To personalize it a little I coated the cubes with cocoa powder – it makes it a little messier but hey, you’re not eating chocolate right if it’s not messy! 😛 They always make the best after dinner desserts at festive occasions – served right from the cooler/fridge!

Happy fudging!

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