Interior Inspiration: Dark Sea Green

I love getting inspired by the things around me and churning out ideas immediately and putting them to paper just in case.

Last week I saw this stretch of colors along the shophouses at Amoy Street. I love visiting Chinatown/Ann Siang Hill/Club Street. The shophouses are converted into quaint cafes, bars, boutiques and private offices.

I instantly love the first color on the walkway: Dark Sea Green. I remember how my parents room used to be in this same color when I was little. It kind of brought back the old,warm and familiar feeling. Below,I’ve created a moodboard of decoratives and interior findings that would go lovely against a dark sea green wall. I love how this color can be mixed with almost any kind of furnishing and if properly decorated and balanced,it can glam up any dull room; dark or bright !

1/Pigeon Pillow 2Cage Light 3/ Brass Squirrel 4/ Vintage Work Stools 5/ Vintage Sofa

I came across this charming vintage french shelf that holds type letters for letterpress. Would be so lovely to have it in your workspace,study,bedroom or living to store away little knick knacks,tools or fashion accessories!

(image source: stylebyemilyhenderson)

I love this dining room so much. I love the gold accents and the teal used. And not forgetting the artwork and prints of colors that stand out against the wall. Such a fetching dining room,no ?

Here’s a lighter take on the color. The wall isn’t as dark but I am assuming it’s a lighter shade of the dark sea green or it could be teal.Nonetheless,I love how gorgeous the neon accents,prints,pillows stands out,especially the quirky utensil curtains!

How would you decorate your room with dark sea green ? Will be fun to share your ideas!


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