Interior Inspiration: Rustic Rapture

After watching A Very Long Engagement I got inspired by the rusticity of the setting and atmosphere in the movie. Aside from the fact that Audrey Tautou and Gaspard Ulliel played the characters well. They both always have that certain charm on and off screen.

Simultaneously I’ve been thinking about refurbishing my work space – which takes up 1/4 of my room and I’ve been so inspired by the countryside that I made a tiny mood board for it and still finding more imageries and decor and colors inspiration.

Loving everything in this family room(above) especially the coffee table and chandelier. And is that a door or a cupboard at the very right side ? Either one, it definitely helps to compliment the whole rustic chic look.

I am loving that bird poster,the lamp,the carpet(which mom had a similar one in our house when i was a kid) and the rattan swivel chair! Which is also the Wingate Rattan Swivel Chair ….. Lovely lovely chair to sit and work on.


Brick walls/wallpaper helps to give that warm but relaxed feel into a room. I suggest it should only be on one side of the room,unless you’re living in a loft,or a really huge room or for the outdoor as of in this photo, having a medium apartment room covered in bricks might just cause unwanted claustrophobia. Doesn’t help during creative blocks..

And finally a bowl of warm bouillabaisse to keep the tummy filled ..

Will keep posting some more after finding even more inspiration.In the meantime, Happy Holidays and have a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!


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