Working With Wild Rockets

It’s not Friday yet, I know. Still,I’m posting this up. Where have I been all these while ?!
Been really busy with school.This is quite the issues when you’re in an Arts School,you’re constantly practicing,doing work. The only time when you get to kind of relax,are the beer session in between your breaks. That’s about it.

But anyways, I made myself a bowl of potato salad packed with wild rockets,onions and capsicums in lemon olive-oil  vinaigrette.Wild rockets have a very strong bitter,mustard-pepperish taste to it and I love using rockets in simple salads because it’s quite a challenge to prepare. It takes a while to balance out the taste of the dish – unless you like it that way – bitter and strong. So after experimenting with the potato salad today, I really like how the sweetness of the onions and capsicum neutralizes the bitter taste.In addition to the red potatoes,which has a creamy,fulling taste,it makes the salad more full bodied with tinge of bitter-sweet and sour to it. Lovely.

Always remember to keep experimenting until you like how your salad is. Nothing is wrong,and even if it is, it’s a matter or adding or subtracting ingredients.

Happy cooking!


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