It’s 6:56AM right now and I woke up all by myself. Well actually,the alarm went off at 5AM, but I went back to bed.

So anyways, Eid is almost over. Ahh,all the food. Yes. I will be posting one favorite treat from Eid that I love so much! I love it so much that,I’ve eaten it too much to remember to take photos of it. Just be patient alright! I am one week away to a week’s break from school! So food posts shall you see.

Nonetheless, I’ll be sharing an overdone,overdrank drink. Nothing fancy,but just to cool off the heat !

Honey Lemon !

We all know this drink.Yes,it cures cough,inflammation on the throat and is highly full of antioxidant. Here’s another reason why people drink honey-lemon for: Pound Shredder.

Eek! I’m not too sure if Honey Lemon can really make me go extra skinny but for all I care,it quench my thirst and remove that oily feeling up on my throat after an oily meal.

I normally just have it at…..ANY POINT OF THE DAY. And I like it cold! Even though most article suggest drinking them warm, it doesn’t feel any much different.

Here’s how to

Serves 1

2 Tablespoon of lemon juice – PURE LEMON JUICE! Like,literally extracted from the lemon itself. Sorry,I just hate the canned or concentrated ones you get in store.

3Tablespoon of honey. Good,pure,gold liquid.

Lukewarm water

Lots of ice

Have a couple of ice cubes in the mug.

Pour and Mix the lemon juice and honey well,pour in the water and stir well until honey and lemon have both dissolved.

I normally use a (hot chocolate) mug for this.So it’s kinda nice and full.. It depends how much you want to drink so yeah,no measurements for the water.

You can add some mint leaves for that extra flavor!

In other words,this is just like making another other lemonade – just for one. If you’re hosting, you should be getting a whole lots of lemon and start squeezing away. I’m telling you,stop using the concentrated ones. They’re overly sugared. Yuck!

And did I mention that no matter how long I sleep,it never feels enough ?


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