I hope my dear readers would understand that, because I’m a full time student and part time(unpaid) blogger, I don’t get to update here as regularly and daily as most of your favorite sites. i spend most of my time in school/in the studio/home/bed/library/out and about for errands and what nots. HOWEVER,I’ll try my best to keep you updated with pretty things and miscellaneous visual feed.

This week’s post for Interior Inspiration, I’m looking at prints and lovely pieces for your home. You know how some vintage pieces/vintage-inspired items can be way way way way wayyyy overpriced ? Yeah it’s pretty annoying but it doesn’t matter if don’t mind paying for them. BUT,if you’re just short on that greens, trying to spend less, a college student or basically,you just don’t want to pay for anything more than 500 dollars, then Urban Outfitters is one site you should check out. You might probably know UO already and I am probably the most slowest person on Earth,but not,I just want to share some pieces that inspires me today.

Here goes! (Click on the photos for direct link!)


Cigar Toy Box. Being an Asian,there's no reason to hate this. This one brings back memories,definitely.
Filigree Scroll vanity Tray. I just love the rustic,worn and loved look it has.
Brass Medallion Catch-All Dish. Very Mediterranean !
Pressed Flower Jewelry Box


Deer Head Hook


Everything In Its Place Wall Hook
Iron Strap Side Table
Apprentice Stool (My personal favorite! This can act as a low side table for small plants,books and other miscellaneous small ornaments! Lovely )
Ditsy Owl Printed Rug
Printed Watercolor Paisley Rug
Mandala Rug. Lovely patterns and colors.
Watercolor Flowers Printed Rug. Bright and summery colors to lighten up your doorsteps and floor! Perfect summer treat for your feet šŸ˜› Ok,I didn't mean to make it sound cheesy.
Romantic Floral Scarf Shower Curtain. This one makes me want to buy a bathtub !


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