THANK FOOD IT’S FRIDAY: (On a Saturday) Ramadhan Feast

I know TFIF is supposed to be on Fridays but I’m posting this on a Saturday. Sorry for the late dues because I spent my entire Friday trying to get to know a classmate. Insane,right ? It’s like a boy who’s trying too hard to get the girl of his dream.Reason for that is all for the advertising and publishing work that needs to be done at least 20% by Monday – THIS MONDAY.

Enough about school, nonetheless,TFIF will still be up. This week, I’m relating food to Ramadhan.Or in other words, the fasting month for muslims. I am a muslim. For my readers, muslims are not evil nor terrorists. I’m upset with all the stereotyping towards Muslim and Islam.BUT,ANYHOW! One of the purposes of fasting is to remember the poor and have a taste of what it’s like to go on without food for days. I do realize how most of us (muslims) would cook up a big feast for break-fast or would reserve restaurants and high end eatery just to break-fast at. It’s just defeating the purpose,no ? However,my mum occasionally would cook up a more sophisticated meals and invite our relatives over for break-fast.

So here,I am sharing with you my 5 favorite dishes that my mum would cook on the occasional days. Just so you know,because I am a mixed of Malay and Indian AND Chinese, the food are highly Asian 😛 (I’d like to share my mum’s recipes for them all,but not today.So I took these recipes from their respective links. )

1.  Mee Bandung; Spicy Soup Noodle, normally using beef broth. My favorite. Reminds me of Italian Zuppa sometimes.

2.  Briyani Dum; Indian Briyani with chicken/beef/mutton. Highly fulling.


3.  Laksa; Fish and coconut base soup. (There are a lot of versions out there,just as in the link)


4. Chilli Crab







5. Gado Gado; Indonesian Salad 



I hope the food would inspire you to give them a go during the weekend! Happy feasting and fasting everyone! (:





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