I could watch and read The Secret Garden over and over again. Both the book and movie inject a lot of visuals into my head as well as making my imagination run wild and excited! Frances Hodgson Burnett was such a great author. After re-watching the movie recently,I decided to compile objects and things that could inspire to turn your abodes into the scenes in the movie. Lovely linens and Indian inspired accents and home wares to look at.


1. Vintage Linen Hand Towel 2. Faux Ivory Elephant Plant Stand 3. Elephant Ivory Tea Light Holder 4. Pillow Cover with Green Linen and Vintage Lace
5. Lily Lace Bed Linen 6. Linen with Crochet Lace

The second collection compiles of garden decor and more outdoor ideas!

1. Ladies Straw Hat 2. Vintage Rattan Chaise Lounge 3. Verandah Lazy Chair 4. Mother Doe and Fawn Garden Deer Statue 5. Wagon 6. Rabbit Lawn Ornament 7. Pink Geraniums 8. Hot-Pot BBQ by Black + Blum 9. Vintage Bottle Carrier 10. Vintage Shabby Flower Pot

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