Bringing your Sims Design Skills into Reality.

We all know how fun and addictive this game can be – from building your dream home to decorating and being a God. But to me,and to all you creatives out there, this is more than just a game. You’ve guessed it,I am talking about the Sims 3. Coming all the way from Sims 1 when everything looked like a prototype with restricted building possibilities and only allowed to work on given grids, to Sims 2, where things get more realistic and 3D and to the current version – which makes everything else (like putting objects and building)so so much easier and flexible…and best of all,it allows you to be creative! *phew! got to catch some air there*

Well my favorite part of the game is the building and decorating part – of course. Then,I realized how this game could help me,or you to visualize how you want YOUR REAL home to be or just to get your creative juices flowing. It is like Google SketchUp but with more kick!

I don’t study architecture nor interior design.I come from a Design Communication background – and still is a student of it. But I have so much interest in decorating and set building that I’ve used this game as a platform to put my interest and visual ideas on. Thing is, in the Sims 3, it allows you to download patterns and textures – in addition to the ones given in the game – to apply to the furniture and objects.I love how I could just make my own pattern and choose the colors and apply onto – say a tea towel. And now that objects can be rotated at all angles,it’s so much fun to decorate your way.

Here are screenshots of part of the houses I’ve built and decorated.

But of course,I also enjoy the quirks of what these townies have to offer and occasionally,when I see how my Sims get to hardworking in achieving the things they want in life,it kinda gets inspiring,no ? 😉 I hope you’re able to include this game into your creative processes too!


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