Candle Lite,Candle Brite.

A couple of weeks ago my grand aunt from Florida sent us a parcel of goodies, one which includes soy candle from Glade. If you are like me, been living and searching hi and low for the perfectly scented candle,which really lives up to their names,then here are two brands I’d recommend.

Firstly, it is the most saddest thing that we do not have Glade candles here in Singapore. Better yet, won’t ship them too! The one that I received was Hawaiian Breeze Soy Candle. It has such a fruity but not overwhelming scent. I light it up in the kitchen after cooking or whenever I just feel like scenting up the room. Because I live in a flat, the fruity, papaya + mango scent always linger around the living and my room.

I know they have many other scents, so the next time I email my g-aunt,I’m going to ask for some Vanilla and Lavender 😀

I’m not too sure if they’re available in Malaysia or nearby SEA countries, but if you happen to be in Australia or the United States, then you should start getting at least two dozens of this,you’re not going to regret it,trust me. If you’re already  residing in Aus and the US, lucky you!


Second best candle, lucky,this one is available in uptown departmental stores. If you don’t mind the price, you should start getting Yankee Candle. Compare to Glade, Yankee Candle aren’t priced at a commercial,supermarket value but definitely worth to pay for.

I got mine from CK Tangs. I wanted to find something soft and subtle for the rooms, so I got their tea light candle in Clean Cotton that literally smells like freshly washed linens! These candles come in a variety of sizes ; tea lights; small waxed; small bottle; medium bottle; and a huge bottle. On top of that,they come with pretty flowery accessories to go with your big bottles, like a carved woodland ceramic cover and a ceramic lampshade,placed over the bottles,ala night light.


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