Foodie x Weight Watcher

Nothing beats good food during hot summer or chilly nights in winter (Well,it’s summer ALL year round here in Singapore,but occasionally,it gets a little cold on stormy nights)

Anyhow, a lot of my female peers have been asking how I manage to stay skinny/average/fat-free despite my huge appetite and cravings for scrumptious food ranging from sinful treats to full,hearty meals to comfort food. (And, eating leftovers after midnight).And I have to admit that I fail at sweating out for the good.

While most of my friends would count their calories,complain about how they aren’t losing weight or just won’t eat (and end up with stinky breathe!), I, however, stay happy (and healthy :P) with one simple rule when it comes to eating.


 I know it’s too vague to understand this self-made motto of mine,so I shall share my tips on loving you,your body and the food you consume and how I stay fit !

1.Constraining yourself from eating whatever your body needs or wants to eat only affects your mental mind and mood.If your body needs donuts(or whatever it wants) for (because your boss has thrown you too much task to handle and you’re all unmotivated and depressed),then go have some ! It doesn’t kill to make yourself and body happier,plus,subconsciously it will boost your mood and before you know it,you’re halfway through your given task.

This method always work for me,especially going through approaching datelines,sometimes,I keep my leftovers for break time pick me up (at 1 in the morning)

(You’ll also notice that,you don’t have to worry about those calories and fat sitting around you since you’re going to be really busy with work,physically and mentally.)

2. Before you hold back on carbs ,you might want to think twice. Most people assume that carbohydrate are the cause of fats. Sadly,that assumption is true, but only HALF TRUE. Carbohydrates are key sources for energy that helps you to get through the day. They will turn into bad fats only when you consume them excessively – and if you stay in bed all day long.

Taking only how much you need is important. Don’t hold out on carbs,but have them moderately. Wheat and cereals makes the best breakfast,compared to daily intake of beans,fried eggs,potatos and processed sausages for breakfast. If you don’t like rice,then you can always opt for pasta,or bread and noodles. And,you’ll most likely get hungry at 3 am if you skip your breakfast.

3. You know how your mum would force you to eat your vegetables as a kid,and you opt for that fried chicken instead? Our mums always know the best and there’s a reason why vegetables are helpful at keeping your weight balanced. Firstly,these earth gems are packed with so much nutritions.Here are my top 5 vegetables/earthly-food that I add to my meals permanently.

  1. Celery:
    Yes,these long greens may taste a little overpowering if eaten alone,however, they’re packed with goodness, and,made up of mostly water! Which means,you’ll stay dehydrated and it helps to flush out liquid toxins from your body,keeping your skin clean and supple as well ! No need for excessive moisturizer on your face now honey, celery ftw.

    Secondly,they’re not to reduce blood pressure,by relaxing the muscles around the arteries and allowing the vessels to dilate. Now,don’t we all need it to sooth ourselves in times of work stress ?

  2. Onions!:
    Before you start thinking about some nasty smell..Well,onions do not make you a stinky person. Infact, they help to prevent the risk from cancer such as colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer. Plus,they add extra flavour into your meals.
    Onions also prevent you from getting gum diseases because they’re anti-bacterial. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing them is good,but onions serve additional help to healthy gums too! What say you,eh ?
  3. Mushrooms:
    Yes yes,they come in weird shapes and sizes,taste funny too sometimes and,protect the fairies in the woods from getting drenched on rainy days.
    These cute fungi are fueled with antioxidants,one of which is Selenium which again,protects your body from cancer and other illnesses like asthma.
  4. Spinach!:
    Popeye didn’t had those spinach for muscles alone,he knew it they were good for the bones and skin.The vitamin K in these greens helps to prevent the occurrence of osteoclasts,which breaks down our bones over time. You still want to be able to walk strong when you’re old don’t you ?
    Plus, saute spinach stuffed in mushrooms and then baked,makes a nice comfort food at anytime of the day 😉
  5. Mixed Salad:
    Well,this wouldn’t make it one of the 5 since it’s mixed BUT, let’s look at it as a group shall we. I consume mixed salad of green leafy lettuce,purple cabbage, cucumbers,carrots, tomatoes, mint and basils,purple kale..and the list goes on and on and on. If you grow your own garden with loads of leafy greens and vegetables,then it’s great! Otherwise, supermarkets these days bring in ones that are packed and freshly sealed for you.

4. Eat loads of fruits ! Watermelon are full of H2O,it’s good to keep yourself cooled and hydrated on a hot day. Orange juice and kiwi are packed with Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy. Strawberries and berries also benefits your skin in the long run. Need I say more ? And oh Bananas, they’re just sooo good with honey, not only giving your body the fiber and  energy it needs,but the honey helps treat inflammation and and boost your immunity system.

The next time you want to kill a bee,you might just want to reconsider (aside from the fact that the whole gang of bees would come and attack you).


5. Have tea or go on a picnic with your friends, exchange more recipes and enjoy the great outdoors whenever possible. It helps to keep your mind relaxed from the weekday stress.

6. DRINK SOUP! ALWAYS ALWAYS! You probably think that a bowl of soup would make you even hungrier afterwords,but having a bowl of soup during meal time will keep you full (and hydrated). If you cook your own lunch/dinner,then switch the oil to Olive Oil instead of vegetable oil.
Olive oil is much more lighter compared to other vegetable oil. They are much pricier,yes,but beneficial. Notice a difference when you drink a soup from olive oil base and a normal oil base.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a jar of fruit trifle on friday nights,or some leftovers for breakfast the next day. It doesn’t matter what you eat, love your food,know your portion,then you’ll start appreciating these two more.




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