Last weekend I went to watch the worldwide,phenomenal Disney’s Lion King Musical. It was beyond spectacular,with breathtaking,well crafted costumes and props. The choreographing,music,clever use of props and lighting  made the whole experience arousing and almost true to life (like,I was in Africa itself). And the fact that I have interest and love for animals made me wanted to cry upon looking at how graceful the performers were on stage.

Anyhow, in relation to the musical and seeing (and listening) to African aesthetics,I got inspired by animals,prints,decorative accents and more of this captivating culture .Here are some collective photos from the internet that I love and keep as reference.

These distinctive masks and figurines are definitely a key feature when it comes to African art and decor.

Lovely,detailed crafted wood works.

warm color scheme just to show a few

This is by far the most interesting and captivating novel series revolve around an African woman detective;Precious Ramostwe,its people and Africa itself. In addition,Alexander McCall Smith never fail to include morals and values in ever book he penned.

And here are a couple of published posts on African themed homes.Lovely!
Click on the images to visit source website.

I love these harmonic bright and bold colors and patterns. I love the ostrich end table especially.

Visit Creative Detailing to purchase African decorative and furniture.

There are so much more to show, and get inspired by. African culture has so much to offer,it’s endless! I’d love to visit Kruger National Park someday.

I hope you’d be inspired looking at some of these images, and if you’re going to purchase animal print/fur rugs and decorative accents,do look out for the ones that are not from animal poaching or simply get faux fur.

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